Aloha shirts 11 brands recommended by Japanese who love Aloha shirts

Hello, I am a Japanese who loves Aloha shirts(Aloha shirts).

Aloha shirts has various brands.

Among them, I would like to select some recommended brands and introduce them to people who like Aloha shirts.

I am happy if it helps you choose your Aloha shirts.

KonaBay Hawaii

The Aloha shirts of Kona Bay Hawaii are made in Hawaii, and they are real Aloha shirts that faithfully reproduced the old Aloha shirts at that time.

What is more, the clothing fabric printed with old-fashioned traditional techniques in Japan.

The design not only reconstructs something as it is but it has been reconstructed to be modern and sophisticated.

This is one of my most recommended brands.

The store is on Oahu Island in Hawaii,why don’t you drop by when you go to Hawaii? The owner of this brand is Japanese who love Aloha shirts.

  • About $100
  • Contemporary remake of vintage Hawaian shirt
  • Made in hawaii


SUNSURF is a representative Aloha shirt brand in Japan

The feature of SUNSURF is to fully reproduce the design and fabric when Aloha shirt was made.

Now, a good Aloha shirt at that time is very expensive and it is difficult to get.

SUNSURF will help you purchase the same one  as the vintage design.

  • $100 – $150
  • One of the best Aloha shirts made by Aloha shirt geek.
  • Made in Japan

Duke Kahanamoku

Duke Kahanamoku is a hero of Hawai and a legendary Waterman.

He is a gold medalist of swimming and established surfing as sports. He is also known as a person who spread Aloha culture including Aloha shirt to the world.

His Aloha shirt brand “Duke · Kahanamoku” has made a number of very popular patterns such as pineapple pattern and Monstera pattern.

His Aloha shirts are used in the movie named ”From Here to Eternity”.

Now “Toyo Enterprise Co.” which sells various brands such as SunSurf  has right to sell and reprint Aloha shirts shirts at the time.

A very large number of collectors are looking for the vintage one and that price are so expensive.

It can be said to be the king of Aloha shirts.

  • $200-$250
  • The price is expensive but it is worth it.


The Star of Hollywood’s Aloha shirt has a different taste from the other Aloha shirt brands.

Although Aloha -style patterns or oriental patterns are common, the Aloha shirt design of the Hollywood star strongly reflects the American 50-year culture.

Cowboy patterns and psyched patterns such as unusual design are loved by collectors.

  • $100-$150
  • At first glance it does not look like an Aloha shirt.


価格:19440円(税込、送料無料) (2018/5/19時点)


AVANTI is a Aloha brand and has made high quality Aloha shirts inspired by the classic Aloha shirt from 1930 to 1950.

They also make many shirts of the replica of those days.

Their characteristic is to make shirts mainly for silk.If you want to taste the unique comfort of silk, you may choose this brand.

If the shirt of the lower Hula girl was a vintage ,it would be very expensive and not readily available. But if it is a replica , you can get it cheaply.

  • $100-$150
  • Made from silk


Speaking REYN SPOONER is a brand that makes traditional Aloha shirts.

This brand is famous for  reverse print shirt (or what the locals call the inside-out shirt) with a classic button-down pattern.

Businessperson in Hawaii frequently wear this brand shirt.

  • About $100
  • This brand’s Aloha shirts are worn as business attire in Hawaii.


Although it is a famous brand in Hawaii, it is one of the brands that is not yet known in Japan.This is long-established brand founded in Hawaii in 1936.

They also produce reverse print shirts with button down, resembling REYN SPOONER.

It continues to attract fans with an elegant style that makes us feel Aloha history.

  • $80-$100
  • It is rare in Japan but famous brands abroad.


Tori Richard established itself as one of the nation’s premier purveyors for women’s resort wear.

Its dramatic and bold prints wer evaluated,  they started offering some men’s shirts.

Its contemporary design and beautiful colors are a little bit different from other Aloha shirt brands.

I think that the Aloha shirt of this brand is perfect for the wedding in Hawaii.

  • $90-$140
  • Gorgeous design


Patagonia is famous for outdoor wear, but also putting emphasis on surf wear, of course making Aloha shirts.

That name is “Pataloha. Pataloha is “Patagonia” + “Aloha”.Every year they release various patterns.

I bought a fancy pineapple patterned one on 2016 and wore it frequently last summer.

Open collar with coconut buttons ,pockets and sides with slits are characteristic of Pataloha.

The banana pattern shirt released in 2017 was a reprint of vintage Aloha shirt released in 1988.

It was so popular that it was sold out soon.

  • $100-$150
  • Be aware that popular patterns will soon be sold out!


MAKANA LEI is a word that refers to “gift” in Aloha.

Speaking of MAKANA LEI, it is characterized by Oriental Aloha shirts with very high quality.

It has various original designs such as floral designs, goldfish, chickens etc, and its design is almost never remade.As you can see, it is delicate and  beautiful.

In addition, there is sticking to that fabric, as it uses unusual SILK 100% crape material, you can wear comfortably even in very hot summer in Japan.

I love beautiful design of this brand.

  • $150-$200
  • If you love oriental Aloha shirts, this is my recommended one
  • Made in Japan


Pagon is an Aloha shirts featuring a gorgeous design using Kyoto Yuzen’s handmade dyer shops in Kyoto.
The pattern is original, made in-house manufactured in-house.It is a valuable brand that you can get a vivid traditional Kimono Aloha shirt by hand dyed by craftsmen.

By the way, Pagon means sea turtle which is said to carry happiness in Philippines.

Aloha shirts here also have many items using silk as same as MAKANA LEI.

Japanease brands tend to choose higher quality materials for differentiation from cheap ones made abroad.

Pagon Online Store is here

  • $150-$250
  • Gorgeous Aloha shirt dyed in Kyoto
  • Made in Japan


In this article I gathered my favorite Aloha shirt brand.

Each brand is characteristic and each one has its own goodness and any one is recommended.

Especially when going to Hawaii it is recommended to go out wearing a vivid Aloha shirt with good touch.

It would be great if it could help your selection of Aloha Shirt.