I love Pataloha -Introduction of various pataloha-

Patagonia is one of my favorite brands.

One of the characteristic of Patagonia is unique color scheme and design somewhat different from other outdoor brands.Due to this, Patagonia has a fashionable brand that goes beyond mere outdoor brands for me.

About pataloha

Pataloha, as its name suggests, is a Aloha shirt made by Patagonia. Patagonia + Aloha ⁼ pataloha. It is one of my favorite hawaiian shirts.

It has already been over 30 years since the first Pataloha was made, and it is one of the items of history in Patagonia’s products.

Since the yearly limited pataha is sold every year, there are many collectors as well as me.

By the way this is Pataloha  I bought in 2016。I like the bright pineapple pattern.I have never seen a shirt with so much pineapple printed.

pataloha2016 pineapple

Characteristics of Pataloha

Distinctive characteristic design of Patagonia

The pattern of Pataloha is not only the pattern of a general Aloha shirt, but also many Aloha shirt that seems to be Patagonia, such as a design where the fish line up shirt and a design that vividly studded banana leaves.

Various Pataloha shirts are released  from calm design to flashy design each year.

There is also a design that seems to be able to wear even in the workplace, with a relatively calm design.

I think flashy items are the perfect item for festivals and parties.

Gorgeous things are popular for collectors.

I will introduce some including precious ones.

Pataloha of the contemporary design of the limited edition of 2018 “Opih man”

pataloha Opihi MAN

I thought it was a geometric pattern, but it seems to be a print depicting Aloha shellfish Opihi stuck to the coast.

Featuring our new Opihi Man print, this season’s Limited Edition Pataloha® Shirt celebrates the affectionate nickname that Rell Sunn gave to our founder, Yvon Chouinard. “Opihi Man” was a reference to the tasty Aloha mollusk they both loved to eat—and to Yvon’s penchant for clinging to steep rocks just as opihi cling to wave-swept shores. Source:Patagonia web site 

It is sophisticated and calm, fashionable and contemporary design. It would be possible for me to come to work with that.

If you see it well, the patterned pockets and plackets are beautiful. I like this polite finish.

Chic design of limited edition released in 2017


This is Pataroha of calm color and design of lining use.

It is close to Aloha shirt of rain spooner’s lining use but it’s not. It seems a bit plain to me.

Reprinted banana pattern released in 2017


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Ayaka Omiさん(@omiii_182)がシェアした投稿

It is a banana pattern Pataloha which was released in 1988.

Now it is sold at a high price in old clothes stores.

Recent Pataloha shirts have many calm design shirts, but this is pretty brilliant pattern that I have not seen in other Aloha shirts.

I want Patagonia to release more flamboyant Pataloha as much as a banana pattern.

It ‘s OK even for reprinting in the past, please Patagonia please.

Rainbow trout Pataloha released in 2015


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古着買取&販売 FLYTEさん(@flyte_ebina)がシェアした投稿

Although this was also released recently, originally it is a reprint of the old vintage Pataloha.

There are many Aloha shirts of fish pattern, but rainbow trout Aloha shirt is unusual.

When you look closely at the handle, the tools related to fly fishing are printed, and it becomes an Aloha shirt that can only be made by Patagonia.

Am I the only one who thinks that this shirt is beyond the frame of Aloha shirts? Wow cool!!

I am sorry that I have not bought it since I was not interested in Aloha shirts at this time. I should have bougt it.

Please reprint again ,Patagonia.

Menu pattern released in 1994

It was released more than 20 years ago.It is a popular menu pattern designed by Eugene Savage. It is a powerful design.

I do not like the menu pattern so much, but this pataloha is cool.

I think menu pattern is hard to wear in the town since they are too traditional design. However,this is newly designed by Patagonia, so it has a slightly different impression from other menu patterns, and on the contrary it looks like a fresh pattern.

Particular about material

Recent pataloha is made by blended materials such as Soft Hemp 60% / Recycled Polyester 35% / Tencel · Lyocell 5%.

It is a comfortable material that is airly and hard to wrinkle.

Rayon often used as a material for Aloha shirt has the disadvantage that it is easy to wrinkle. That is why Patagonia chose such a comfortable material instead of rayon.

This material makes it easy to wear at any time without worrying about dirt or sweat.

In addition, there are particular attention to the button, whirch is made by coconut.


Use natural material buttons using coconut


I introduced Pataloha from old to new one. There are dozens (or over 100) patterns since it was released for more than 30 years.

But even with Patagonia’s HP or Aloha shirt books it’s hard to watch various past designs.

I must buy a book summarizing all Pataloha.Patagonia please!